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A Company of Three

“This gift caught us by surprise and really symbolized the meaning of a wedding and this part of our life together.”

- Erin Humphreys, Chicagoan and newly-ish wed, on the piece that she and her husband reflect on every day

Erin (@seehappinessthrough) had a pretty exciting package day when the framed wedding prints she ordered AND an unexpected framed surprise arrived in the mail. Her sister and brother-in-law had sent her a wedding gift that was nowhere on her registry—a special print called “Ternion.”

Ternion comes from Latin origin and, in Erin’s words, means “a company of three.” For the newly-ish wed couple (they got married in October… congrats BTW!), this was symbolic. “It serves as a daily reminder for us of the importance of allowing our relationship and love to grow even through really frustrating and hard times. We just strongly feel we’re better for one another because of the care and love we give ourselves, and I think that’s the valuable lesson the piece of art brings to life.”

Together and apart, we can’t wait to see how this couple’s love continues to grow.


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