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30 Years Later, They Still Dance

woman in wedding dress and man in white suit standing together with flowers

Over 30 years ago, Heather met the love of her life

while dancing in a nightclub.

Here’s Heather's story in her own words.

“I was 26 and he was 23. We saw each other across the room. He danced with another. I pouted and nudged him as he walked by and said, ‘Gee, thanks for not asking me to dance.’

I didn’t think about what he would say. I was just pouting. Unbeknownst to me, as we left the club, his friend asked my friend where we were headed. They showed up shortly after.

He said, ‘Would you like to dance with me

for the rest of your life?’

I said yes.

He says he knew [he loved me] that night. I knew the next night when he made me a terrible dinner. Thirty-three years and four sons later, we still dance.”


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