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2 Years In - Framing Our Story

Welcome to the new look and feel of Framebridge.

Today is our 2nd birthday. In August 2014, we set out with a mission to make custom framing easy and accessible, and to inspire people to frame the things they loved. We wanted to build a process that made framing better at every step--easier, less expensive, faster, and more beautiful. And we did that! For two years, you've framed thousands and thousands of pieces with us, and along the way, taught us what we could do better. Today, we're proud to share the new Framebridge experience that was--truly and completely--inspired by you.

For me, the best part of this business is hearing the stories behind what you frame. Framebridge has come to represent a collection of these stories-- you've told us about your race bibs, your wedding photos, your restaurant menus, your charcoal sketches, and your vintage scarves. Finishing the final frame of the day is extra special when the photo inside is of a brand new baby on a hospital blanket. Helping a customer decide which frame complements their art print best is even more fun when you get to hear how they found it on a backpacking trip in Argentina. We're not just helping you frame your art; we're helping you tell your story. We want it to be easy and personal to frame everything you love.

So, what's new? Today we've updated our website and mobile app to provide a smoother, more beautiful experience. Our new order process makes it easier to select the perfect frame with clear views of your item in all our frame styles at once. We hear from many of you wondering whether we frame original paintings, newspaper articles, or jerseys. We do! Everything is custom, after all, and now these special services are easier to find. We've also leveraged two things we love--design and data--to serve up frame style and mat recommendations based on what will look best with your piece. Finally, we've even made it easier to work with our expert designers to choose a frame, a free service that thousands of our customers have loved.

What hasn't changed? Our expert craftspeople in Kentucky continue to pride themselves on perfectly handcrafting your frames, down to a sixteenth of an inch. Knowing you're 100% thrilled with the finished pieces that arrive to your door is and will always be our top priority.

Have something you've wanted to frame? I hope you'll visit the new Framebridge and frame your story today.


Susan Tynan, Founder & CEO