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10 Times Florals for Spring WERE Groundbreaking

We all know Miranda Priestly's infamous line in The Devil Wears Prada. And, to be honest, we can sympathize. Flowers are great, but there are so many ways to interpret all things floral beyond the traditional tropes. Whether it's a feminine form, a soft transition between colors, a pattern reminiscent of petals, or a new take on an old classic - florals CAN be groundbreaking. Here are a few of our favorite prints that push the boundaries, but still get us in the spring swing of things. 

"Unquelled" by Clare Elsaesser | Frame in Marin with a white mat

"The Spectators" by Lisa Golightly | Frame in Newport with a white mat
"Shade" by Julia Kostreva | Frame in Montauk with no mat
 "Flower Power" by Matt Crump | Frame in Brentwood with a white mat
"Flower Power" by Carlos Lopez Mag | Frame in Bolton with a white mat
"In Bloom" by Kate Worum | Frame in Bolton with no mat
 "Chiclets 2" by Matt Crump | Frame in Irvine Slim with no mat
"Succulents" by Beth Hoeckel | Frame in Sonoma with a white mat

"Growing Spring" by Lisa Golightly | Frame in Tahoe with a white mat


 "For Millie Print" by Source + Summit Co. | Frame in Irvine Slim with a white mat

Which groundbreaking floral speaks to you? Grab it and...